Welcome to St George’s Episcopal Memorial Church! Our parish has been an important presence in the Bismarck community since 1880, and we continue to meet the Living God in this place today – through worship, education, outreach, and most of all, through the relationships we have created with each other.


Altar Flowers

We’ve been working hard recently to get altar flower sponsors lined up and we’ve had good success. We do have several open Sundays coming up though. Flowers may be sponsored in celebration of an event, (graduation, anniversary, birthday, wedding, birth) or in memory of loved ones. The current rate is $65. The church has been…

Altar Flower Orders

If you are interested in supplying flowers for Sunday worship as a memorial, dedication or even as a celebration of loved ones, we have some open Sundays for altar flowers. You can make this a recurring dedication that you do the same week(s) of every year, or a one-time dedication for this year. The following…

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