Welcome to St George’s Episcopal Memorial Church! Our parish has been an important presence in the Bismarck community since 1880, and we continue to meet the Living God in this place today – through worship, education, outreach, and most of all, through the relationships we have created with each other.

Orthodox Easter Sunday – Holy Eucharist

This ORTHODOX EASTER, we especially want to let our Ukrainian brothers and sisters know we’re praying for them and supporting them financially. Let us pray the Prayer for Ukraine from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA below:

Lord our God, Great and Almighty, we your sinful children turn to you with humility in our hearts and bow our heads low before you. We beseech your loving kindness and abundant blessings upon the nation – the people – of Ukraine during these days of great danger to their safety and well being.
Our brothers and sisters, Lord, are once again threatened by aggressors who see them only as simple obstacles blocking the path to the complete domination of the precious land and resources of the country of Ukraine. Strengthen the people as they face this great danger, turning to you in the immeasurably deep faith, trust and love they have placed in you all their lives. Send your heavenly legions, O Lord, commanded by the patron of Kyiv, Archangel Michael, to crush the desires of the aggressor whose desire is to eradicate your people.
Grant unity of mind, heart and soul, O Lord to all leaders in public service with those they serve. Unite them all into one, great Christian family, so that together, as brothers and sisters, they may glorify your majestic name – God in the holy trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever more and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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