St. George's Episcopal Memorial Church

Schedule Changes

Good afternoon St Georgians,The Diocesan Convention will be postponed due to the nasty weather headed our way. (Stay tuned to when and where It’ll be). We’re looking at sometime in November.
Also, due to the weather, Assisting Bishop Keith Whitmore won’t be visiting us either. I’ll let you know when our “makeup” date will be.So, we’ll have a regular Sunday, Rite 1 at 8AM and Rite 2 at 11AM. Since the Sunday service order was already printed for both services, to avoid confusion, I’ll just walk everyone through the service like we’re all visitors, i.e., please stand to say the Psalm on page # in the Book of Common Prayer, and so and so…
I hope this isn’t an inconvenience for everyone and I hope  it’s not a prophesy on how the winter is going to be.Grace and peace,Canon Hal


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