Welcome to St George’s Episcopal Memorial Church! Our parish has been an important presence in the Bismarck community since 1880, and we continue to meet the Living God in this place today – through worship, education, outreach, and most of all, through the relationships we have created with each other.

The Good Friday Offering – Province of Jerusalem

Pray not for Arab or Jew, for Palestinian or Israeli
Pray rather for ourselves
That we may not divide them in our prayers but keep them both together in our hearts.
From a prayer by a Palestinian Christian – a Living Stone

“We will not forget those caught in the crossfire between warring factions in the land where our Lord walked,” Bishop Curry wrote in his annual Lenten letter to Episcopal churches. “As we mark our Lord’s passion and death on Good Friday, we remember those whom he loves facing injustice and oppression today, and remember the urgency of love—true, sacrificial love.”

The Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East has 28 churches in Israel, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon and supports numerous clinics and hospitals, schools, and homes for the elderly. The Good Friday offering, established in 1922, continues to help support the Episcopal Church in the Holy Land. Please consider a donation to the Good Friday offering for the Province of Jerusalem.  Envelopes are available in the narthex.

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