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Throughout the month of July, I have been asked how to “officially” join St. George’s. The answer begins on Sunday, September 8th at 11:45 AM in the nave—the main part of the church. The class lasts until 1:45 each Sunday. This is when and where our “WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN EPISCOPALIAN: Confirmation, Inquirers’ and Review“ class begins. This class leads to official and full membership in St. George’s.

This class, while open to all, is especially tailored for those who are new to our Episcopal traditions and for those who are seeking mem­bership by confirmation or reception—more on the difference during the class. The journey to membership ends with the sacramental rite of confirmation (or reception).

Currently, it is planned for Bishop James Waggoner, Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of North Dakota, to welcome those individuals by the laying on of hands on Sunday, October 13th during one of our morning Holy Eucharist wor­ship services.

I invite everyone interested in learning more about being a Christian in the Episcopal tradition—whether you are new to St. George’s or not to join us. HINT: Correct answers during the class will be rewarded.

Grace and peace,
Canon Hal


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