St. George's Episcopal Memorial Church

Liturgy INs & OUTs Training

Many of you have been asking about our worship services…”Canon Hal, how to you want us to do ‘A’ or ‘what about B’” or “Father or Mother this and that did it this way, How do you want to us to do it?”      So, there will be three times in August, when you’ll have the opportunity to learn how I would like for us to “do” various things in setting up for, movements during and “tearing” down our worship space after Eucharists. It’s not the law, but it’s my suggested ways of accomplishing various tasks to enhance our offerings to God. During our time together, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and have them answered after I lead you through an instructed Eucharist. These sessions will be: Sunday, 8/18, 11AM-1PM and Tuesday, 8/20, 10AM-Noon AND 6PM-8PM. All St George’s families and friends are welcome, but those active in worship ministries are expected.


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